A Note About The Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted by Brendan Aronson on

Hello everyone! Due to the current COVID19 pandemic, Paintru would like to address how our team is coping, the impact its had on our communities, and some tips to stay positive through these difficult times.  It is our duty as a small business to react to these circumstances quickly and efficiently protect our artists and employees to prevent the spread of this virus.  Our team is working from their home offices or studios to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our artists are working around the clock to ensure your photos are painted perfectly to arrive at your doorstep as a beautiful piece of timeless art.  

Is Art Really Essential Right Now?

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has forced all of us to question things we once considered important priorities. This pandemic has forced communities to enforce actions leaders never imagined. Certainly, the implementation of social distancing at this scale has caused a dramatic disruption of our day-to-day lives and routines.  We must take every precaution to the largest scale possible to protect those at the highest risk level and reduce exposure for everyone else. As we execute these precautions, we must stay true to who we are as citizens and stand our ground to overcome this catastrophic pandemic.

As a company founded by military veterans, we hold the notion of public service in its highest regard. Collectively, the Paintru team has been deployed overseas to deal with crises both in times of peace and war, but always with the intentions and selflessness to serve not only our country and communities but to help individuals persevere through difficult times. We take our new role as a provider of museum quality artwork just as seriously. Art is the sinew of our culture and civilization. Artwork and artistic expression are imperative to help people get through this difficult time. That is why it is our mission to empower artists to earn a living by following their passions and sharing it with others. We strive to help others see the value of our artwork's impact on culture and civilization.

On the surface, art can appear as a luxury or indulgent item that may not be important during times of crisis. As you look beyond the surface artwork serves as a vessel to more profound things people may overlook. As students of history (military history to be specific), we know how difficult it can be to connect with people around the world and over the course of time. Art provides a vital link to our history and culture by enabling us to empathize and relate to those who lived the stories we read in textbooks. Without art, we would have limited ways of connecting with our past and one another on an intrinsic level. Similarly, we are called upon to contribute to the collective emotional expression during this time so that in the future, others can understand what it meant to live through this moment in time.

Finally, as you self-isolate in effort to protect your fellow citizens, think to yourself about how art can help ease your feelings of isolation and anxiety through these stressful times. Multiple scientific studies have shown that the condition of our home has a dramatic effect on mental and physical health. We wish we could provide a panacea for Coronavirus at this time, but we cannot. What we can help with, however, is creating a space that is positive and rejuvenating for your soul. As we continue to physically distance ourselves from one another, we encourage you to invest in your emotional and spiritual connections with friends, family, and community. Capturing your most precious moments in art is our passion and we hope to play a small role in helping create the office and home that are most conducive to keeping you in a positive mental state.

Wishing you the best health and happiness,

Team Paintru