Home Sweet Home: The Joy of House Portraiture

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A painting of a house can be a powerful thing. Homes are where memories are made, relationships are forged, and celebrations occur. Our homes are more to us than just bricks and mortar: those walls have witnessed a myriad of life’s precious moments.

It is easy to see why houses and buildings have for so long enjoyed a special place in the history of art and commissioning. House portraiture brings the personal story of a home to the forefront, allowing artists and homeowners to express the often deep and emotional pull that we as humans feel towards the buildings we inhabit.

Although house portraiture has gained popularity in recent years, serving as an original gift idea, the genre commands a long and rich tradition. Ancient Roman wall frescoes often featured depictions of ornate family homes.

Who can forget Van Gogh’s “The Yellow House”, which has captured the imagination and speculation of generations? Those who have ever remembered a special vacation home with fond longing will relate to Sargent’s “Capri Girl on Rooftop” and, in fact, the rest of Sargent’s artistic nostalgia for the island of Capri, which brings his favorite buildings and houses to languid life.

Our buildings and our hearts have, it seems, always been intertwined.

Capri Girl House Portraiture
Capri Girl On Top Of a Rooftop, John Singer Sargent

Paintru artists specialize in marking this special relationship between person and home, helping people create their own, customized house paintings. In fact, we love this genre so much that we have put together a ‘house portraiture’ guide, with the view to inspire and inform.

If you are thinking about commissioning a painting of a house – either for your own pleasure or for a gift - then you have arrived in the right place!

House portraiture celebrates life’s best moments

The setting of life’s seminal moments is often as important as the guests who were there. This is especially true of childhood homes, in which, for example, Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings were enjoyed. Likewise, a grandparent’s house may hold great significance to a family who wants to remember the happy times had between those four walls.

For these reasons, painting houses, homes, and meaningful places, is always a special experience for our Paintru artists.

House Portraiture
Paintru Commission

The process of commissioning a portrait of a family home is gilded with heart-warming memories. We like to think of a house painting as a way of capturing each beloved individual who visited the building; these commissions are always about people, even if they do not feature in the painting.

We hear time and time again of the joy paintings of houses have brought to those who have received them as thoughtful gifts.

The Joy of House Portraiture
Paintru Commission

On top of family memories, events such as the opening of new business ventures can be celebrated through this genre. What better way to rejoice in new and hopeful beginnings?

House Portraiture Painting
Paintru Commission

House portraiture can create an atmospheric piece of art

Just as everybody’s home is different, so is everybody’s impression of that home. What sets Paintru apart is the stylistic nuances that we inject into all our building portraits. Whether you would like an oil or watercolor house painting, our world-class artists will respond to artistic direction and preference in terms of mood and movement.

To demonstrate how the same building can be treated with different artistic approaches, it is useful to revisit Van Gogh’s “The Yellow House”, which was afterwards reiterated by the artist Signac in “The House of Van Gogh”. See how the palettes and styles achieve a completely different impression for each version?

Paintings of buildings have the power to create a variety of emotions in the same way as human portraiture. Our Paintru experts will listen carefully to your ideas and, if required, guide you to the most appropriate artistic style.

the yellow Joy of House Portraiture

The Yellow House, Vincent Van Gogh
The Delight of House Portraiture
Paul Signac's watercolor house painting, 'The House of Van Gogh'

Think beyond houses you've called home and to other cherished places and spaces

A favorite vacation home sits close to many people’s hearts. In the same way that Paintru transforms treasured travel photographs into beautiful works of art, consider that much-visited villa, that once-in-a-lifetime hotel, that rustic cottage, that cozy cabin, or the chic city hotel bathed in sun and fond memories as artistic subjects. These paintings serve as intimate reminders of shared experiences that never need to fade.

Embracing Joy with House Portraiture

Paintru Commission

House portraiture showcases architectural design:

The bold lines and intricacies of architectural painting make sophisticated centerpieces for homes. Many interior designers favor form-driven aesthetics in home decoration.

Paintings of architecturally beautiful buildings will add a sense of timeless refinement to whatever room you place them in.

For inspiration, Paintru loves Nash’s muted, yet striking, painting “Blue House on the Shore”.

Blue House Portraiture

Blue House on the Shore, Paul Nash

We hope that we have provided you with plenty ideas for your building-inspired paintings. The Paintru team are always delighted to discuss potential projects.

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