Decoding the Canvas: Exploring Paintru's Pricing

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Abigail Pfriem

Paintru is all about personalized creativity, not just turning photos into paintings but creating timeless masterpieces that tell individual stories. Paintru's charm lies in a pricing structure crafted to match the details of size, composition, and framing options. In this blog, we dive into the key factors that influence Paintru's pricing, making the artistry behind the numbers clear.

Size, People, and the Art of Balance At the core of Paintru's pricing lies a thoughtful consideration of canvas size and the number of people within a photo. The canvas size becomes a canvas for creativity, a stage where Paintru's artists bring images to life. For instance, when there are fewer people in a photo, a smaller canvas size suffices. As an example, the smallest canvas size for a depiction of two individuals measures 12 inches by 16 inches.

However, as the number of people in a photo increases, so does the canvas size. This deliberate scaling allows our artists the canvas space needed to intricately add details to every individual, ensuring that each face, expression, and detaills are captured with precision. As the canvas size expands to accommodate larger groups, the intricacy and time invested lead to an increment in the overall price. For photos featuring more than six individuals, we recommend connecting with our concierge team for a personalized quote, ensuring accuracy and fairness in the pricing for complex compositions.

Exploring Paintru's Pricing Structure

Framing Options: A Frame for Every Aesthetic Paintru empowers customers with a trio of framing options – rolled, stretched, and framed, each offering a distinct visual appeal and influencing the overall cost. Opting for a rolled canvas provides a cost-effective solution, with the painting arriving in a secure tube, ready for framing locally if desired. Stretched canvases, involving the wrapping of paintings around wooden bars, present a balance between elegance and affordability.

The cost is influenced by the additional materials and craftsmanship involved in this process. Framed paintings stand as the pinnacle of sophistication, combining stretched canvases with carefully chosen framing materials for oil paintings. The meticulous detailing and craftsmanship contribute to this option being the most expensive. Paintru offers various framing options, allowing customers to nice balance between style and budget, adding their personal touch to custom paintings. 

Delving into Paintru's Canvas Pricing

Shipping, Quality Inspection, and Global Reach Paintru simplifies the shipping experience with a flat rate of $30 for all paintings within the United States, fostering transparency and predictability. Once a painting is approved, it embarks on a journey to Paintru's headquarters in Mentor, OH, for meticulous quality inspection before making its way to the customer. This commitment to quality ensures that every Paintru creation meets the highest standards before finding its place in a home or as a cherished gift.

For international orders, shipping costs vary based on the canvas size and framing option, reflecting the logistics associated with global deliveries. Paintru remains dedicated to delivering excellence not only in the artistry of its creations but also in the reliability and care extended throughout the shipping process.

Unveiling Paintru's Canvas Pricing

In the realm of turning photos into paintings, Paintru is not just a service; it is an artistic journey, a collaborative effort to bring cherished memories to life. The pricing structure, intricately tied to canvas size, composition, and framing options, underscores Paintru's commitment to delivering personalized and meaningful artwork. Every stroke, every detail, and every choice within the pricing framework contribute to the creation of custom paintings that go beyond aesthetics – they tell stories, capture moments, and become timeless expressions of individuality. With Paintru, the art of turning a photo into a painting is more than a transaction; it's a purposeful exploration of creativity, bringing joy, beauty, and meaningful connections to every canvas.

Explore our pricing guide for detailed insights into our pricing structure.