10 Ways to Spark Your Interior Decor Creativity

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With the amount of time we spend at home, it should be a sanctuary. The decor and comfort of your home truly makes a HUGE difference in it's energy and feel! We know it's a little daunting to figure out exactly what to do with it, and it's a bit easy to get stuck in a rut.

Whether you are moving or just want to change up your indoor decor, we put together 10 tips to spark your creative side.

1. Mix Old and New Decor

Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires.

2. Liven Up Ordinary Spaces With Wallpaper, Plants, and Textiles

Adding rich textiles and textured will completely change the dynamic of your room.

Wallpaper is particularly effective as a focal point, allowing you to create a statement room with relatively little need to plan the perfect gallery or furniture arrangement.

Plants are one of the simplest, and best elements to incorprote that add life and comfort to a room. As humans, we are drawn to nature (well, most of us!) and bringing plants into the home not only is great for the air quality, they're quite literally a breath of fresh air for your space. 

t: How Indoor Plants Can Inspire Good Feng Shui >

Sparking Creativity in Interior Decor

When it comes to textiles, it's a simple way to make a room both more comfortable, and more ""put together"". 11 ways you can excite your living room with textiles, from Homify >

3. Find High-Quality Lighting

Natural lighting can only brighten up a room for a restricted amount of time. Create opportunities to let the sunshine in—think bigger the windows, the better.

Choosing the right light bulb is also key. Find ways to be more energy-efficient, for example, LED bulbs work well, and they look great. Don't forget about your light switches. Elegant controls gives a room character and a spectacular element to any indoor space.

4. Create a Focal Point

Create a focal point that the eye is naturally drawn to. Consider the room's layout and furniture placement. The focal point can be decorations, artwork, a painted wall, lighting, or anything that demands attention.

Hint: Is there a place where some of your most cherished memories are from? Create a beautiful landscape painting to bring those moments to life.

Creative Ideas to Enhance Your Interior Decor

5. Add a Bar

Whether cocktails & wine are your thing or not, a bar can add the extra flair to any room and we think every home should have a great one. It's the central point of a party, and if you entertain a lot, it will be put to good use, so put some thought into it–mocktails included! 

to Spark Interior Decor Creativity

6. Make Room for ART

Start young and buy the best you can afford. Core to our mission is making this much simpler for you!

Its ability to transform a room is unlike any other design tool. Plus, it only gets better with age. Think about scale - when hanging artwork above furniture, it should fill 2/3 the width of the furniture below it. 

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Revitalize Your Interior Design

7. Get Creative

Be creative when thinking about form and function. Find what you like and cater to your space.

An asymmetrical, space encourages the guest to float through the room with engaged in the decor.

8. Reflect Your Personality In the Decor

How do you want a space to feel?

Here’s a trick to help you hone in on your style: take note of your personal style.

Do you prefer fitted sets or looser and more comfortable items? What are your favorite colors and patterns to wear?

Now think of what type of vibe you want your space to have. Minimalist, Contemporary, Traditional, formal, elegant? Playful, warm, inviting? Vintage or modern?

9. Establish a Color Scheme

Many predefined color scheme standards make creating new schemes easier, especially for beginners.

Below are the established schemes, with a few examples for each.

color wheel

Try Monochrome Color Schemes
• First color is used for heading, second is for centerpieces and thirds is for the background. 

Try Analogous
• Create this by using three colors that are next to each other on the 12-spoke color wheel.

Try Complementary
• These are created by combining colors from opposite sides of the color wheel.

OR Try Custom!
• This is the best way to reflect your personality. Expanded your creativity using tones, tints, and shades.

10. Keep in Mind Visual Balance 

Whether you prefer symmetry or asymmetry, it’s all about leveling out the visual weight–even out the room.

If one side of the room has a lot of heavy furniture, the other side of the room would feel imbalanced with just a small chair. If one side of the room displays a lot of decorations, the other side needs some accented characteristics as well to balance out the visual weight. 

Hear From An Expert Interior Designer and Home Stager, Lisa Nolan!

How do you liven up an ordinary space?
""Adding a pop of color always helps to liven up a space along with mixing different textures. Plants and greenery are great choices to liven up a space as well.""

What design trends are you seeing this season? 
""Mixed metals, two-tone kitchens and farmhouse chic styles are some of the current trends."" 

What color schemes would you say stand out in a home? 
""Navy blue is standing out right now mixed with whites and grays and gold-tone metals. Also, light pastels are making a comeback on interior colors."" 

Inspired by these tips? Explore our gallery for a little inspiration for the perfect art piece.