This Is Our Story

On a balmy California evening in January of 2018, JD Kameen was looking through photos of a trip he had taken with his wife, Liza. JD had thousands of photos in his phone, and wanted to display one of these photos in his home in a way that would evoke the joyful emotion of their honeymoon. The photo prints failed to capture the unfiltered beauty of shared Paris evenings.

JD and Liza already had a number of paintings in their home and their love of art extended to an Instagram account the two of them had run as a passion project featuring watercolor artists from around the globe. Inspiration struck and JD reached out to a favorite artist to see if it would be possible to commission a custom painting from he and Liza's favorite photos from the trip.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a painting tells the whole story. 

Through their custom art commission, JD was instantly transported back to the moment in time when the photo was originally taken. A year later, after building an initial list of artists who were interested in supplementing their income through commission-based projects for Paintru, JD was ready to launch Paintru and make beautiful commissioned artwork from top artists around the globe simple, and affordable.

Paintru makes the process of owning and gifting beautiful museum-quality custom artwork, inspired by your photos and memories, easy.  In just minutes, you can upload a photo and select a painting style.  We do the rest to match you with an artist who will bring cherished moments & memories to life.

Eric Kettani

Abby Pfriem
Head of Customer Service

Paintru is a 100% Veteran-Owned Company

JD & Liza Kameen
Head of Commercial Design