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General Questions

What is your typical turnaround time?
25 -35 days depending on complexity and size of your art piece.
Will I be able to see the painting before it is shipped?
Yes, we will send you an email with a picture of the paintings progress. If you need modifications, you can email us detailed instructions and we will ensure all modifications are to your specifications.
Can I choose a custom background for my painting?
Yes, you can! We do it at no extra cost. We offer two options. If you would like us to pick a suitable background, we are happy to do so or alternatively you can send in another photo as background. When you place your order you will see a comment text box which allows you to let us know of any changes you wish to have done to your photo including the background.

Artists & Paintings

Who are your artists?
We have spent over 2 years hand selecting over 700 artists around the globe. Our artist come from all different backgrounds and universities.
Do you charge extra for modifications?
No, all modifications are free of charge.

Photo Selection

What if my photo is damaged or not of the highest quality?
Please email us the photo before you submit your order if you believe it is low quality. We can then advise you the best plan of action.

Accounting & Billing

What methods of payment do you accept?
1.) Credit Card: Pay directly on our website using your credit card 2.) PayPal: Pay with your PayPal account or if you do not have an account you may still use your credit card by clicking on "Don't have a PayPal account?" link. We are unable to accept any other form of payment, including checks.