Hand-Painted Memorial Portraits

Paintru makes it simple to commission custom memorial paintings to remember those who mean the most

For centuries, people have honored their loved ones' legacies through art. With Paintru, it's simple to create incredible, museum-quality memorial portraits from photos of lost loved ones.


2-5 Minutes

Upload your photo, select style and provide direction, then checkout

10-14 Days

Paintru matches you with an artist and they start your custom painting

1-5 Days

While the paint is still wet, we send you a photo of your painting for review

5-10 Days

The painting is prepared for delivery, then shipped to you for display

How It Works

Step 1:

Upload a photo, or multiple photos of your loved ones, select style and provide direction.

2-5 Minutes

Step 2:

Paintru matches you with an artist to create your custom memorial portrait painting.

10-14 Days

Step 3:

While the paint is still wet, we send you a photo of your portrait for review.

1-5 Days

Step 4:

Your painting is prepared for delivery, then shipped to you, ready for display.

5-10 Days

Hand-painted artwork captures the story beyond a photo.

Create an heirloom that commemorates those most important to you, telling their story in a way that a framed picture will not be able to capture. 

Whether it's an old photo, or people in separate photos you'd like see become one remembrance portrait, the Paintru team can help you create an incredible portrait commission.  

Custom memorial paintings are the  perfect way or incorporating lost loved ones into family pictures in a unique and meaningful way that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Oil Portrait

Oil Family Portrait

Oil Portrait - Multiple Images

Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial Portraits Commemorate Loved Ones

A recent research report found...

"Families described personalized paintings as representing a legacy of their loved one.  Participants indicated that the paintings were symbolic of the care their love one received, validated the sentiment that the patient was remembered, and helped the families feel less alone during their time of grief."