Hand-Painted Memorial Portraits

Paintru makes it simple to commission custom memorial paintings to remember those who mean the most

For centuries, people have honored their loved ones' legacies through art. With Paintru, it's simple to create incredible, museum-quality memorial portraits from photos of lost loved ones.

Hand-painted artwork captures the story beyond a photo

Create an heirloom that commemorates those most important to you, telling their story in a way that a framed picture will not be able to capture.

Whether it's an old photo, or people in separate photos you'd like see become one remembrance portrait, the Paintru team can help you create an incredible custom portrait commission.

Custom memorial paintings are the perfect way of incorporating lost loved ones into family pictures in a unique and meaningful way that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Oil Portrait
Oil Portrait–Multiple Images
Oil Family Portrait

Memorial Portraits to Commemorate Loved Ones

A recent research report found "Families described personalized paintings as representing a legacy of their loved one.

Participants indicated that the paintings were symbolic of the care their loved one received, validated the sentiment that the patient was remembered, and helped the families feel less alone during their time of grief."

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Small Memorial Portrait

Size: 12x16

Up to 1 person


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Medium Memorial Portrait

Size: 16x20

Up to 2 people


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Large Memorial Portrait

Size: 24x36

Up to 4 people


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X-Large Memorial Portrait

Size: 36x48

Up to 6 people


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Our Custom Portrait Commission Process is Simple

Here's How it Works:

Step 1:
Upload a photo, or multiple photos of your loved ones, select style and provide direction, then checkout.

(2-5 Minutes)

Even our grandparents can do it!

Step 2:

Paintru matches you with an artist to create your custom memorial portrait painting.

(10-14 Days*)

* Dependent on complexity of project.

Step 3:

While the paint is still wet, we send you a photo of your portrait for review.

(0-5 Days*)

*Most 1st Drafts approved but can revise until you're happy!

Step 4:

Your painting is prepared for delivery, then shipped to you, ready for display.

(5-10 Days*)

* Paint must dry before shipping


Q: Which painting medium is recommended for portrait painting commissions?

A: For an incredible memorial masterpiece, we recommend an oil painting portrait as oil provides the most color-matching and blending capability. This creates beautiful skin tones and vibrant, realistic color.

Watercolor portraits can be beautiful as well. However, we usually recommend one of our multiple styles of oil. Want a second opinion? Feel free so send us a chat and Paintru Concierge will review your photo and help you choose the style that's right for you.

Q: Does Paintru offer different painting styles for remembrance and memorial portraits?

A: Yes! We offer many styles of custom portrait paintings.

For example, you can have a portrait painted using the style of realism (a.k.a. naturalism), a style of art that portrays the subject as it actually appears in real life but stops short of appearing exactly like a photograph.

You can also have portraits painted in more of an impressionistic style, with bold brush strokes and vivid colors. Another option is to use brighter, more vibrant colors than seen within the original photograph, to give your portrait an artistic and creative feel.

Painterly is a beautiful and very artistic option as well, using visible brushstrokes and texture left in the paint medium. Painterly artists make no attempt to hide masterful brushwork - applying loosely and swiftly.

If you'd like something where our artists take a bit more creative liberty, Impressionism is a 19th-century art movement characterized by relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, open composition, and an emphasis on the representation of light.

Visit our gallery to browse past works, or feel free to include a reference link of a painting style you like when placing your order.

Q: I have a photo of my grandfather and grandmother, but they are not in the same photo. Can they be combined to create a memorial painting?

A: Yes, you can combine multiple images of loved ones to create a custom portrait.

Creating a custom memorial portrait is a great way to incorporate a lost loved one into family pictures, as our artists can creatively combine multiple photos into a portrait.

However, we recommend working with Paintru Concierge to find the best photos and style to use to ensure your painting turns out as perfect as you envision.

Send us a chat, or contact us to speak with Paintru Concierge about your project.

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Our team is here to help you every step of the way–from selecting the perfect photo (or photos), to composition and style inspiration.