Custom Hand Painted Pet Portraits

The "Purrfect" Gift

Pay tribute to your furry friends meow with a custom hand painted pet portrait that will have tails wagging for years to come.

Our Process Is Simple:

Step 1: Upload Your Favorite Image
Step 2: Choose Your Options (Medium, Size, Framing)
Step 3: Show Off Your Artwork!

About Us

Paintru was founded with a reverence for custom hand painted artwork and objective to offer museum quality artwork at an affordable price to preserve the memories of our most cherished images. To learn more about our story click the button below for our full story.

Art For a Cause

Our passion for art can help solve real world issues. We partner & non-profits that help to preserve the livelihood of our environment. To address the problem of plastic pollution, Paintru supports ProjectWetland to ensure that every landscape our artists paint, have a little bit less plastic in them.Learn about The Ocean Clean Up Project by clicking below.