Paintru Price Guide

With Paintru, commissioning a painting is simple, and so is our pricing model. 

The final price of your work is determined by the type of painting, number of people, size of the painting, and your framing option.


The cost of a custom painting is based on the following:

Type of painting

Number of People

Size of the painting

Your framing option

Sizes (in)8 x 1011 x 1412 x 1616 x 2020 x 2424 x 3630 x 4036 x 4848 x 72
1 person$185$265$325$355$435$465$540$850$1,070
2 people$355$395$435$465$570$900$1,120
3 people$425$495$535$595$950$1,170
4 people$445$515$555$615$1,000$1,220
5+ people$535$575$660$1,050$1,270
Sizes (inches)1 person2 people3 people4 people5+ people
8 x 10$185
11 x 14$265
12 x 16$325$355
16 x 20$355$395$425$445
20 x 24$435$435$495$515$535
24 x 36$465$465$535$555$575
30 x 40$540$570$595$615$660
36 x 48$850$900$950$1,000$1,050
48 x 72$1,070$1,120$1,170$1,220$1,270

***Custom sizes available upon request.***                                                                            The prices displayed on our website are in USD dollars.

For photos that have over 6 people, kindly contact our team at Our dedicated concierge team will assist you in determining the optimal size and provide a custom invoice. Our pricing is based on the number of individuals in the photo, ensuring that our artists have ample space to capture intricate details for each person.

Hand-Painted on Canvas

Every commissioned piece of art is hand-painted on blank canvas by a talented Paintru artist.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We know you will love your art, backing each project with our money-back guarantee.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions to make sure your painting is just how you want it.

Need additional help?  Contact the Paintru Concierge or chat with us.