The Paintru Realtor Program

Partner with Paintru to give your clients an incredible, memorable closing gift.

Paintru makes the process of commissioning hand-painted custom artwork simple–from house portraits and landscapes to family portraits and decor. 

With The Paintru Realtor program, you can access exclusive pricing and ordering portal to gift beautiful paintings or Paintru gift cards.


2-5 Minutes

Upload your photo, select style and provide direction, then checkout

10-14 Days

Paintru matches you with an artist and they start your custom painting

1-5 Days

While the paint is still wet, we send you a photo of your painting for review

5-10 Days

The painting is prepared for delivery, then shipped to you for display

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How it Works

Step 1:

Upload a photo, select style and provide direction, then checkout.

2-5 Minutes

Step 2:

Paintru matches you with an artist and they start your custom painting.

10-14 Days

Step 3:

Your painting is completed, reviewed and approved before drying.

1-5 Days

Step 4:

The painting is prepared for delivery then shipped directly to you or your client.

5-10 Days

Example Artwork

Paintru artists can create beautiful paintings in a variety of styles. Popular pieces for Realtor gifts include landscapes of the city or surrounding area and house portraits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Realtor Partners Say

"Outstanding Portraits!"

"'I'm a real estate broker in New York and have already shared this with some colleagues and our management as a perfect closing gift for buyers and sellers.

What is better than a painting of someone or something they love for their new home?"

Constance S., Corcoran NYC


"Loved it!

I gave a custom portrait to clients as a gift and they were floored!

Caitlin M.

"A Realtor’s Dream."

"Paintru did yet another fantastic job with the closing gift for my clients. Gifting a memory they can keep with them through every move is one of the most personal ways I’ve been able to thank them for their business.

I’ll continue using Paintru and I recommend you start!

Gabriella RG., Riffe Realty