Forbes: Paintru Mixes Made-To-Order Art And Technology

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Abigail Pfriem

Paintru Featured in Forbes Magazine!

Do you ever remember seeing a piece of artwork you liked while walking back to your hotel or base on that random road in a foreign country? These back alley ways and secret passages are a method of buying art that fascinate and inspire the entire Paintru team. When we launched Paintru in August 2019, these types of back road experiences and feelings are what we had in mind. But the age old question remained: "How do you create this exact experience of buying magnificent artwork on the street to a customer's device?"

Paintru is creating one of the world’s largest networks of artists through Instagram, social media, and our own personal travels by featuring their work to an international audience on a unified mobile platform. We are very excited to share our interview with Senior Forbes Contributor, Pamela Danziger about this very topic.

“Paintru is a startup born on Instagram that is set to revolutionize the market for made-to-order art,” writes Danziger. Pamela has made an internationally renowned career by finding burgeoning trends in an array of retail, e-commerce, and direct to consumer verticals. Danziger provided a deft multi-sensory discovery that Paintru should boast: the rich oil smells that escape from the box as the customer opens the painting. This is one of the many very sensory experiences that all art enthusiasts seek and enjoy when we are sifting through street art. We are thrilled as a company to be able to recreate this experience to all consumers.

Danziger statements remind me of why it is so important to continue this journey of innovation and why it is so important to stay true to our mission of creating the best experience for everyday people to turn their favorite memories into world-class hand painted artwork. The fact that we have been recognized by such an affluent industry expert for Forbes just helps validate the experience we are creating. None of this could be possible without the hard work and dedication of our artists and staff at Paintru. It truly amazes me that our team was able to create an authentic concept and user experience in such a short period of time. It is such an honor for our team to get recognition from a magazine like Forbes..

Expanding on our journey I would like to highlight something that recently came to light with the current pandemic situation. The Paintru experience is really helping those isolated at home. Art can really impact your overall mental health in a positive way. Since the lock down began our customers have expressed an outpouring of support to us because the artwork is bringing joy to people in these pressing times. Many people are surprising loved ones struggling with social distancing and it is an honor that our paintings are bringing so much joy to everyone even in the scariest time for us as citizens.

For Paintru, this is an avenue for the brand experience to exist both online and off. As we continue to expand our reach it is our priority and passion to feature more world class artists to customers on the most innovative social platforms possible. Our aim is to never make the wandering of local streets less romantic, or less interactive, but just to empower artists and enthusiasts alike a streamlined way to sell and buy personalized, hand painted artwork online.

“Paintru is a startup born on Instagram that is set to revolutionize the market for made-to-order art.”

-Forbes Sr. Contributor: Pamela Danziger