Paintru Outfits Truline Industries' Warehouse Through A Large-Scale Custom Art Installation

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Although most of our customers come to us and purchase paintings through our simple online platform, our business is also able to fulfill large custom commercial space artwork needs. In fact, these are some of our favorite projects!

Court Durkalski, President CEO of Truline Industries came to Paintru hoping to create a space that reflected the heart and soul of the aerospace industry and a reflection of his past experience with Convoy of Hope within the new Truline warehouse built was complete in May of 2021 in Wickliffe, Ohio.

Transforming Truline Industries' Warehouse with Large-Scale Custom Art

Truline: Integrity Above All

Truline's company position is ""Integrity Above All"" which permeates their mission, people, products, and everything in between.

It was important to Court the new warehouse space embodies the company's mission so that each and every employee, every day, would be surrounded by what drives them. For Truline, this was not a sterile feeling or ""cookie-cutter"" warehouse, it would be a space that was personal, unique, and meaningful to all employees.

Enhancing Truline Industries' Warehouse with a Massive Custom Art Display

Filling a Space With Artwork That Tells the Company Story

The paintings that we installed are people traveling, aviation platforms and the images Court took during his time with Convoy of Hope, an incredible philanthropic organization for which Court Durkalski (CEO) is on the board. They served over 163 million people throughout their amazing organization.

Beautifying Truline Industries' Warehouse with a Custom Art Installation
Boeing's 777, a major aircraft equipped with Truline Bearings
Decorating Truline Industries' Warehouse with a Large-Scale Custom Art

A powerful image of a young woman taken by Curt during this him with Convoy of Hope
Embellishing Truline Industries' Warehouse with Custom Artwork from Paintru

Oil painting depicting the integration of air travel with our everyday life, business, and routine
Revamping Truline Industries' Warehouse with a Custom Art Installation by Paintru

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, an American twin-engine tactical fighter aircraft designed by McDonnell Douglas, now part of Boeing

Truline's Custom Artwork Installment

Our project consisted of custom 27 oil paintings, hand-painted by Paintru artists ranging in size from small hallway pieces (2' x 3') to large-scale 6' x 8' pieces.

Embarking on a Custom Art Journey with Paintru at Truline Industries' Warehouse

Paintru makes it simple for organizations to curate and create large-scale installments of custom artwork – here's our process:

  1. To create these pieces we began with a meeting to discuss the objectives of the project and get more insight into the space and his vision.
  2. Paintru toured and measured the space.
  3. Along with Court, we collected imagery to be used as inspiration for the paintings.
  4. The desired painting style was confirmed.
  5. Paintru assigned artists well-suited to the painting subject matter and style.
  6. Once the paintings were complete, they were reviewed by the Paintru team and then with TruLine.
  7. After a few finishing touches, the paintings were dried and shipped.
  8. Once received at the Paintru warehouse and QCed, we used a local woodworker in Cleveland to make these massive custom stretcher bars. Hiring local artists in our community is one of our top goals!
  9. Finally, the paintings were installed within Truline by the Paintru team over the course of 2 days
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""Working with Court, his family, and the company has been a true pleasure and experience. The vision Court had for his new facility was crafted with both the airplane platforms and his connection with his strong philanthropic background. The paintings have transformed their facility to a story behind the people"" - Eric Kettani

Elevating Truline Industries' Warehouse Aesthetics with Paintru's Custom Art Installation

""The large scale of the paintings gave me so much satisfaction and allowed me to open my horizons as an artist.""

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About Truline Industries

Truline Industries is a precision machine shop manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry. Their purpose is to bring glory to God by doing our part in making air travel safe and by giving back to a world in need.