5 Easy Photo Tips That Result in an Amazing Painting From Your Photo

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Artists can create INCREDIBLE paintings from your photo. As with most things in life, the quality you put into something directly impacts the quality you receive. So, the better the photo, the happier you will be with your custom painting.

Read along this blog to learn 5 easy photo tips to try for the best quality photos (that then translate into amazing commissioned artwork).

5 Easy Photo Tips to Try

1. Choose a Strong Focal Point

Even candid photos take a little planning. To capture a great photo all you have to do is choose the right subject, set up a cool composition, and find the best light.

When setting your shot up, imagine three lines around your subject and overall frame. This is known as ‘Rules of Thirds’.

Choose a strong focal point with the "rule of thirds", perfectly described by the image above. Photo courtesy of ClickInMoms.

Align your subject with the background and center the subject to the imaginary three lines. There is also a setting feature on the iOS and DSLR cameras that shows the lines in preview mode. This is a great help if you’re starting to dip your toes in photography. 

Extra Tip: Think left to right and top to bottom. Take plenty of pictures to capture your favorite shot! 

2. Find Leading Lines

The leading lines are the lines in your shot that can help guide a viewer’s eyes to your subject. For example, they can be anything that creates a line in your photo, like roads, fences, buildings, long hallways, trees, or shadows.

Achieve Stunning Paintings from Your Photos
Find "leading lines" which guide the eye to create interest. Photo courtesy of ExpertPhotography.

3. Change the Perspective

Keep perspective in mind as it can completely change the composition of your photo.

5 Photo Tips for Creating Amazing Paintings from Your Pictures
Changing the angle or distance you shoot from will elevate the focal point, mood, and meaning of your images.

4. Create A Frame

Framing involves finding something that can act as a natural outline for your composition, and then shooting your subject inside it. For example, a doorway, archway, plant foliage, decorations, a picture on the wall. This type of framing can help direct the viewer’s attention to your subject.

Take Photos for Incredible Paintings
You can get creative with frames. We're loving all of the outdoor camping views we're seeing this summer. Photo courtesy of PhotoBlog.

5. Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

Unless you have a lighting setup we recommend taking photos outside for a perfect quality image.

The best time of day to snap a photo is early morning when the sun rises and mid-evening when the sunsets. Or better known as the ‘golden hour’.

Any other time of day will be too bright and could distort the photo. Make sure to place your subject facing the sun so there isn’t a shadow in the image.

Transform Your Photos into Stunning Paintings
Golden hour inspo via Paintru!

Still thinking you want some help finding the perfect photo for your custom masterpiece?

Paintru concierge is here to help! Just reach out and we'll work with you to create the perfect piece of art.

Commissioning Custom Artwork with Paintru 

Once upload your (perfect!) photo, it’s time to choose your medium (Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, and Charcoal). Once selected your image is sent to our artists that specialize in hand-painting each style. See for yourself below: 

Mastering Photo Techniques for Stunning Paintings 


After you pick your medium next up is sizing. Each Paintru comes in a rolled canvas unless you decide to add a frame with the purchase. Add a landscape portrait in your living room and all your guests will shower the decor with compliments. Or try a smaller piece in your home office to accent the color scheme on the wall.

Photography Tips for Outstanding Paintings from Your Images

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Create Amazing Paintings from Your Photos 

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