Hey there, Sports Fans!

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Abigail Pfriem

Sports are such an important part of our culture! Whether you are an athlete yourself, a die-hard fan, or simply a hobbyist – We can all agree that we LOVE our sports! 

These moments mean SO MUCH to us – and nothing makes us happier than turning them into a lasting memory with a painting! 

To the Athletes:

Did you know one of our co-founders, Eric Kettani, played football at the collegiate level AND professionally? For athletes out there, let’s just say, “We get it.”

Fans of Sports!

The buzzer-beating shot, the winning goal, the first championship, the fastest relay time – these moments are so special. Because so much goes into achieving them! Hours and hours of practice, games, teamwork, time, travel, sweat, and tears bring you and your team into a position to experience such a moment. 

While we can’t all be as cool as Eric, this sentiment is true for any type of organized competition. Only the athletes involved understand the depth of difficulty, the injuries endured, the sacrifices made – all to succeed in these amazing sports moments!

Sports Aficionados

To the Fans:

Have you ever seen folks in the stadium parking lot HOURS before the game is scheduled to start? Why are they there? What are they doing? We love how much sports fan love their teams. 

Whether it is season tickets, dedicated tailgating, or recording the game to make sure you don’t miss a second – we are totally here for it. 

Maybe you faithfully supported and cheered your team on through years, even decades, of losing. After what feels like endless frustration – they bring the trophy back to your city!

Sports Supporters!

When we think of fans, we also think of all the family and friends that come out to support their son at his baseball game, drive to see their friend swim, or yell at the refs at her basketball game. We see you, too!   

Sports Buffs

To the Hobbyist: 

Is there an activity you do just because you enjoy it? Shout out to all the active hobbyists who don’t compete on a team, enter a bracket, or lift weights in the off-season. We are here for you, too! 

You don’t have to be on the docket for the next upcoming Master’s Tournament to enjoy a round of golf with friends on a perfect summer day.

Athletics Admirers

You don’t have to be competing in the upcoming Olympics to appreciate a day on the slopes with all that fresh powder.

Sports Devotees

To those that simply take part in the activity – without the pressure of winning, getting recruited, or cheering for someone else – we salute you! These amazing photos are equally worthy of being transformed into a painting.

End of Regulation 

We love turning these sports moments into lasting memories! The truth is, the snow melts, the next season starts, and unless your name is Tom Brady, your time playing organized sports eventually comes to an end. 

With some aspects of sports fleeting, we feel even more strongly about holding on to these memories with a commissioned, original masterpiece.

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