Your Home, Your Heart

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Abigail Pfriem

"Home is where the heart is.” 

The most important word in this common expression is “Home.” The saying is not, “House is where the heart is.” Well, why not? The word “home” encapsulates the full spectrum of human emotion and the idea of being a part of a family or group, while “house” typically references only the physical materials needed for construction.

One of our absolute favorite projects are home painting. Each work is #tru2u, so each story is unique. Still, none of the reasons for commissioning we have seen so far include – “I like the color of the siding.” Or, “The shape of that window makes me happy.” No! Instead, these masterpieces are commissioned to capture so much more.

Home Sweet Home

Looking at a review on one such project explains this perfectly!

 “Not just a house but our memories!

 I just wanted to say thank you to the team at Paintru for creating three beautiful masterpieces for my husband and his siblings. After their mother passed, they made the hard to decision to sell their childhood home. I commissioned paintings of their house so each one could take a little piece of “home” with them. The process was simple and seamless! We are in love with the results.”

– Brittany W.

Heartfelt Homes

Thanks, Brittany - We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!! 

A stranger or passerby cannot see the house for the home that it is. The passerby sees only the house. You, however; know you planted that tree with your dad when you were a kid and fell out of it when you were older and decided to climb it. An unassuming basketball hoop that only you know you spent hours and hours practicing on. The backyard where you roasted marshmallows with your friends in the summer. Only you can see these memories. 

And so, whether it is a loved one passing away or maybe moving to a new state to start a new job, you can take a piece not of your home with you, but a piece of your heart.

Home Is Where the Heart Is


Perhaps your house painting is less about the past and more about the future! Perhaps purchasing your first home is a goal you have been working to achieve! Perhaps you recently moved into the home of your dreams!

Embracing Home Heartfelt Comfort

These house paintings are less about remembering and more about hoping! Hope for the future and what memories will be made in the months and years ahead. A newlywed couple purchases a house with the dream that it will one day be filled with children. Grandparents insist on a place with three guest rooms with the dream of hosting their grown children and their families each summer. Hope – the future – and what it might hold in this beautiful home! 


We love home projects! They are so meaningful and special. Each one is #tru2u and has its own unique story and inspiration for commissioning. Whether it is remembering the past, or hoping for the future – a Paintru painting is a perfect way to keep a piece of your heart, your home.

Get started on your home painting!